chicago botanic garden.

Max just returned from a fishing trip in Canada and was already feeling symptoms of nature-withdrawal, so on Saturday, we went to the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe. I’d never been before and was amazed at how huge the place was. My favorite section was the fruit and vegetable garden. I’ve always wanted to have my own vegetable and herb garden, but after Saturday, I now also want a beehive, a bat house, window boxes, and a greenhouse-kitchen hybrid. That’s realistic, right?

I think I have a talent for picking people out of a crowd who’ve never operated a camera before and asking them to take my picture. So none of the shots of us together were in focus, except for one where Max’s eyes were closed. At least the pictures of the plants turned out okay!

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  1. Glad you had fun and, yeah, we know Max looks better in real life. But ‘scuse me, there is a half acre here at your homestead with windowboxes, vegetable gardens and many of the plants in your photos that await your loving care every weekend! And if anyone wants one of those tree-stump coffee tables that cost $200 on trendy websites now, I have a 30-inch-diameter tree coming down tomorrow that will yield a lot of them.

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