girls’ weekend.

No matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked or visited, every time I see my best friends from high school, everything falls right back into place. We may have new travel experiences, boyfriends, struggles, triumphs and funny stories under our belts, but when we get together, it always feels like we’re 16 and back at boarding school again. So, I got to spend this past weekend travelling back in time with five of my friends who were in town.

On Friday night, we went to the Skydeck at the Sears Tower. If I had been with anyone else, I probably would’ve been complaining about the long lines, but waiting gave us a chance to catch up on the past year in our lives.

Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect if we’d planned it; we got to the top right as the sun was setting over the skyline. After the sun set, the city lit up and you could see rows of lights all the way out to the suburbs. I’m only just now realizing that this would’ve been the perfect opportunity to take a panorama shot. Shucks. After the Skydeck, we went to Giordano’s to have as authentic of a Chicago dinner as we could find at 9pm in the Loop.

On Saturday, we watched the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Grant Park for a bit before eating an amazing brunch at the Bongo Room. After brunch, we tried to see the green river, but we were too late and the river was back to its usual mucky brown-green. As a side note: I’ve never seen so many belligerent drunkards outside of a college town as I did in Chicago on Saturday…St. Patrick’s Day really brings out the best in everyone, huh?

On Sunday, we went to a vegan restaurant called Native Foods Café, and I’ll be honest – I did not have high hopes. I was pleasantly surprised, though! The food was delicious, and it was so fun catching up with my high school RA, Kristen, and hearing about the inspiring work she’s doing now as a social worker.

By Monday, the group had dwindled down to just Kavita and me, so we did a little shopping and then had dinner and gelato at Eataly. It was an exhausting weekend taking trains back and forth to the Loop and coordinating so many schedules and opinions, but any time spent with my girlfriends is time well-spent. It’s days like these that make me really happy with my decision not to move to San Jose. I don’t know where our lives will take us from here, and maybe soon I’ll be the only one left in Chicago, but I find comfort in knowing that whether one day or one year has passed, these friendships remain just as strong.


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  1. My high school girlfriend group, WASA, has seen us/me through sickness, weddings, careers, babies, divorces, etc., and we are still together now that are we old. Now when one of our parents or siblings dies, we are there still and we are all still 12 (that’s about when we got together). We used to tease our friend Louise about always losing her keys but last week we had ALL lost something cuz now we are all getting Louise-y. It takes work to keep it together, ladies, but it is worth it.

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