It’s been a couple of months since I last posted on here, and there’s a reason. Time might seem to move quickly when you’re busy, but retrospectively, time spent doing nothing flies by the fastest. I feel like I wasted the last several weeks of my life accomplishing nothing and letting negative thoughts consume me. I might get into that in later posts, and I might not, but I will make a bigger effort to document my life as it happens through writing and photos. For now, I want to recap what I did do in April and May.

On April 1st, I turned 21, which might be the last birthday I’ll have been excited for. I’m officially an adult now, even though I’ve felt like one since I was 15. But now I have the horizontal ID to prove it.

A few of my friends threw a surprise dinner for me a couple of days before the actual occasion, and I spent my real birthday at work (which was no fun, but I guess it’s karma for having a spring-break birthday all those years in school) and then at dinner with Max.

On Easter, Max, his brother and sister, and I spent the day making a huge breakfast together and playing a contentious game of Risk. It made me really excited for the day I’ll have my own home and invite my friends over for board-game nights. Some of my favorite college memories are of card games and Cranium battles with Max, my roommates and their boyfriends.

Max and I explored some other neighborhoods and towns on days when the weather was nice. Lakeview and Evanston are so fun to walk around and a nice change of pace from the South Loop where I spend most of my city days.

Fast forward to May (see, I told you April flew by). I went to the Bongo Room and the Shedd Aquarium with my friend from work on what must have been the only day of spring in Chicago. I felt like a horrible person visiting the Shedd after watching and crying over Blackfish on Netflix. Everyone should watch that movie (and The Cove while you’re at it) and then be a better person than me and stop giving money to aquariums, zoos, etc.

Some of my friends from high school have been in town over the past couple of weeks for Mother’s Day, business trips, or summer vacation, so I’ve had dinner/drinks/shopping excursions with lots of familiar faces who’ve reminded me that not everyone is horrible. I really hit the jackpot with my high school friends. I’ll probably write more about them later this week, but for now, it’s worth noting that I plan to be more focused, busy, happy, and alive these next few months, and that’s largely due to their inspiring radiance (cheesy enough for ya?).

On that note, it’s finally feeling like summer and the change is working wonders for me. Things are looking up and I can’t wait to write about ‘em.

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